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VPN - Zgemma/Enigma2 Devices

(Virtual Private Network)

The above VPN can be used on up to 5 different devices, at the same time so you could have it on your android box, your phone, your android tablet,your PC and your laptop all at the same time. Or SHARE IT WITH 4 FIRENDS and it would work out at around £10 EACH per year.

If you click on the start now button, while signing up for a VPN, then let the site sit for a few minutes and it usually offers you a further discount, if you are not one of the lucky ones who received the 50% off deal. 

Add VPN Plugin for Zgemma/Enigma2.

First of all you need to have wooshbuild V7 as the build on your zgemma or enigma2 box. Please check for instructions or go directly to 

Once you have wooshbuild installed, press menu, plugins and press green button to download plugins. Then go to wooshbuild section and click on Add VPN Easily and click yes that you would like to install it.

Once installed, click exit and in the plugin menu, you will now see a plugin called Add Digit VPN Easily, like in the image below.

This plugin will work with the following VPN providers:-

  • Digibit  (I tried digibit but couldn't get matches to play but IP Vanish worked) 1st time)

  • IP Vanish

  • PIA

Now click on the Add Digitbit VPN Easily plugin to open it and it will ask you to choose the VPN provider you are using (arrow right to change the options). Once you have chosen your provider, then click on blue button to save settings. It will then take you to a screen like below.

Now you need to enter the username and password for your VPN provider. Press the green button to add your username and yellow button to add your password.

Then choose the VPN server from whichever countries your VPN provider has.


Then press blue button and it will save your user details and start the VPN.


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