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If you want to wipe your Zgemma or Enigma2 box and put on the latest version 7 of Wooshbuild, then here are the instructions. Only takes 10 minutes.

If you install wooshbuild then you will be able to have the bouquets and EPG and recording working again, if your box supports recording.


Pretty easy to install and believe me, it is. You will need to download a folder called base and you will download the relevant link depending on the model of your box. Please choose the relevant one from the list below:-

SUPPORT THE WOOSHBUILD DEVELOPMENT GUYS as they don't charge for this software but need support to keep improving this great software and bringing out new versions. This software does not belong to Eze TV.


Click here to SUPPORT them.

If you have any other model of enigma2 box then email and we will send you the appropriate link. Or visit as they would have the most up to date links.


Once this file is downloaded, unzip it and you will find a folder called zgemma. This is for Zgemma boxes and other makes will have the folder under a different name.


Save this folder, called zgemma, onto a usb memory stick. Make sure the USB stick is formatted to FAT32. Put the USB in your computer, right click on it and choose format. Have nothing else on the usb stick apart from the Zgemma folder


Switch off your zgemma, with whte button at back of box. Put the memory stick into the zgemma box. Then switch the box back on. This will then say boot, on the front of the box and will then change to FLSH on the front of the box. This means it is working.


Then just follow the instructions on the screen, which will not appear for a few minutes and it will setup the wooshbuild for you.


Once wooshbuild is installed and the box has restarted then click on the blue button which will take you the Quick Launch Menu. Click on Software Updates and click the green button to install any new updates that there are. You should do this regularly to ensure all new updates are installed which could benefit you. We recommend once a week as small updates are released nearly every day.

Now you can go ahead and install whatever plugins, etc that you need to, onto your box.

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