IPTV Packages

We have now found a solution for enigma2 boxes to give you IPTV bouquets and a full EPG guide with the ability to record. See it in action below.

6 Hour Test

FREE Trial!!

You can request a FREE TRIAL from inside the app or email info@ezetv.co.uk if you are using a Smart TV or existing Mag box or other device.

1 Month Access

ONLY £9.99

12 Months Access

ONLY £99.99

If subscribing for use on a mag box or smart TV then please detail your mac address in the notes section of the payment. After your payment is complete, please also email info@ezetv.co.uk and say that you have just subscribed and detail your mac address to ensure that we set it up correctly for you.

1 Month Access X 2

(for use in same house)

ONLY £18.98

12 Months Access X 2

(for use in same house)

ONLY £170.00