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VPN - Smart TV or Mag Box

(Virtual Private Network)

To add a VPN to a smart TV/Mag box you would normally have had to add a VPN to your router, if your router supports a VPN. This would 100% work but you may have to buy a new router so you would be better buying the new Mag 410 android box which is 4k UHD capable and it can run the VPN app and easy to change servers quickly and you can even scramble the VPN so nobody knows you are using one.

However, we may have found a way of doing this by changing the DNS settings, on your smart tv/mag box to connect to a VPN server.

We are exploring this option we believe the solution is HERE which is using the OVERPLAY service. We have just tested the smart DNS service, on a Samsung Smart TV and it worked well.

UPDATE is that the Overplay Smart DNS works for some people but not for others as it connects you to your nearest server and you cannot choose the server to connect to, like you can by using a proper VPN. 

Just go to their setup page and click on the instructions for the Samsung TV and it should be similar for other makes of Smart TV. It only takes 5 mins to setup.

It takes a good bit longer for the content to load and start playing but it does work and once they start, they are solid.


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