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How to install our service onto your Smart TV.
Use Directly on your Smart TV

Smart STB

Smart IPTV

If you have a full Android TV then you will have the Google Play Store showing on your TV. If so, then you can go to the internet browser on your TV, go to and download our app.

If you do not have the Google Play Store then go to your apps on your TV and ideally install the Smart IPTV app or the Smart STB app if the IPTV app is not available. You will have to register at the websites for the apps, which are detailed below the pictures above. Or you could install both and see which one you prefer to use.


When you install the Smart IPTV app, onto your TV, open the app and it will give you a mac address e.g. 00:12:i8:9y:tt:96 that you will use. Please email this mac address to and ask for your trial. We will the upload the content onto your TV and confirm by email.

If you already have a username and password with EzeTV then email us saying you would also like to add it to your Smart TV and advise us of your username and password and we will upload it for you.

The Smart IPTV app is a 3rd party app and they give a 7 day free trial for using it. After 7 days you would have to register with them and activate your mac address and this is a one-off cost of ¢5.49 (euros). You would do this at


When you open the Smart STB app it will give you a mac address plus a virtual mac address. You will need to give us the virtual mac address to use this service.

If you have downloaded the EzeTV app onto an android device then your username and password will allow you to also watch the content on your Smart TV, plus other mobile devices. 

MAG Boxes or other boxes
Please email for instructions plus your free trial.
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