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Fire Stick
How to install our app onto the fire stick or fire TV.

Set up simply and in around 5 minutes


There is NOW an app called DOWNLOADER within fire stick where you put in a web address to download directly to the fire stick.

At the top, click on SETTINGS, DEVICE, DEVELOPER OPTIONS and make sure that APPS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES is ON. Then press the HOME button.

Search (on left of home button at top) and install this DOWNLOADER APP.

Open the downloader app and enter the following link:-


(please email for the latest link)

This will then download the apk file to install our app. Open the file, that was downloaded and this will install the EzeTV app.

You are now able to enjoy using EzeTV. Every time you click on EzeTV it will check for any new updates so you will always be kept up to date.

EzeTV is not linked to or affiliated with Amazon in any way so please do not contact Amazon for support of using the EzeTV app. Please email if you have any queries..We also advise that although the fire stick is a very good device, we would recommend that if people are about to purchase a device, to use the EzeTV app, then they should purchase an Android box. The reason being is that Amazon can release updates to their fire stick at anytime and if they wanted to they could issue an update that would stop 3rd party apps working (like our EzeTV app) on the fire stick which would mean you could no longer use EzeTV on your fire stick. With an android box you will always be able to use the EzeTV app.

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