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This is for our service which does not require a VPN while premier league matches are on.


This is good for:-

  • Mag Boxes (cannot handle a VPN)

  • Smart TVs (cannot handle a VPN)

  • Zgemma/Enigma2 boxes that are complicated to use a VPN.

  • Fire Stick or Fire TV Box

  • Android Boxes

To signup choose one of the packages below or else email for a free trial.

1 Month Access


3 Months Access


6 Months Access


12 Months Access


Multi Room Options

Means 2 devices can be used at the same time, in the same house, with same IP address.  

1 Month Multi Room


3 Months Multi Room


6 Months Multi Room


12 Months Multi Room


Multi Room can only be used on devices using a username/password system and cannot be used on 2 Mag Boxes or 2 android boxes running the STB Emulator as they use a mac address to access the service. Multi Room can be used on a combination of the following:-

  • Zgemma/Enigma2 device - using our plugin

  • Smart TV - using the smart iptv app

  • Android Box - using the smart iptv app

  • Fire Stick - using the smart iptv app

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